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This page is dedicated to my cult makeup favorites from the past. I have collected information here about products that I found particularly memorable. Here, I have included all available information about the products, including release dates, packaging, colors, etc. as well as pertinent pages and blog entries online.

Note: I estimate release dates for these products based on the oldest mention I find of them online. Therefore, my release dates may be incorrect.

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Maybelline Wet Shine and Wet Shine Diamonds

Here I refer to the nail polish, lipstick, and lip gloss in the Wet Shine and Wet Shine Diamonds collections. What I remember most fondly about these collections is that most colors had a long-lasting bubblegum-pink undertone.

What I Got:

I got the Wet Shine Lipstick in Sweet Sorbet, Flushed, Toffee, and Crystal Clear.


Wet Shine Lipsticks:

Wet Shine Lip Gloss:

Wet Shine Diamonds Lipsticks:

Wet Shine Diamonds Lip Glosses:

Wet Shine Nail Polish:

Victoria's Secret Beauty

I treasure my Color in Bloom Pink Palette (2003) from Victoria's Secret Beauty, which functions well for professional daywear looks.

What I Got:

Color in Bloom Pink Palette (2003)

I got the Color in Bloom Pink Palette from the Victoria's Secret website in 2003 (page on the Wayback Machine). It was originally available in "pink" and "nude." The lipsticks and blush are still in excellent shape, but the eyeshadows have become hard and are difficult to apply.

Others in Collection:

Color in Bloom Nude Palette (2003)

Jessica Simpson Dessert Beauty & Dessert Treats

Why the line is memorable to me.

Word of Caution: While researching these products, I discovered that one of the lawsuits against the company was from users of the Butterscotch Toffee Body Wash who developed yeast infections. This makes sense to me since the products are "edible" and probably don't have the normal degree of preservative. Therefore, if you choose to collect this line, be mindful of the condition of the item before use and don't use it "down there."

What I Got:

I had a set of six mini lip glosses from the Dessert Treats line, and two colored body powders.

Dessert Beauty:

Pop star Jessica Simpson released an edible makeup and bodycare line in 2004. The line's slogan was "Sexy girls have Dessert." The line was originally released at Sephora.

An ad shows Jessica Simpson in a light pink satin tank top holding a cupcake and touching her lips against a hot pink background with the tagline "Sexy girls have Dessert" and the "Dessert" logo.

A Christmas-themed ad reads "sugar and spice... naughty and nice. gifts to wear and share under the mistletoe... or wherever holiday Dessert is served. xoxo, Jessica." The product line is pictured in the ad among hot pink gift boxes and hatboxes adorned with black tulle bows and ribbons imprinted with the "Dessert" logo.

An ad shows a collage of nine pictures of Jessica Simpson applying the products to different parts of her body, tasting them, or sharing them with her man. At the top of the ad, the product line is listed. Below the images is written "It's a Fragrance. It's a Flavor. You wear it. Then share it. Be succulently scented. Be fabulously flavored. Introducing Dessert. A new indulgent collection of deliciously kissable treats for body, bath and beauty. Be Yummy. Have Dessert." The three original fragrances, "Creamy," "Juicy," and "Dreamy" are described beneath this text next to a picture of the products.


Deliciously Kissable Hair and Body Fragrance:

Came in a clear tubular plastic container.

Lip Gloss:

Powdered Sugar Deliciously Kissable Body Shimmer:

Bubble Bath:

Deliciously Kissable Whipped Body Cream with Candy Sprinkles:

This body cream came in a tubular lotion container with a round box of candy sprinkles on top. Marketing copy reads "slather it on yourself or a friend to be completely smoochable and delectable. The sprinkles? Well, they're just for fun! Just decorate and dig in!"

Hair and Body Treat:

Creamy Bath Bubbles: described as a "rich vanilla caramel indulgence!"

Chocolicious Body Gloss: described as a "deep bronze shimmer roll on infused with flavor and aroma of creamy chocolate pudding spiked with vanilla bean and warm milk."

Plumping Lip Fragrance Gloss

Sugar Scrub

Blushing Cream:

Sweet Body Butter:

Skin Protein Shake:

Hot Body Topping:

Deliciously Kissable Belly Button Love Potion Fragrance:

Dessert Treats:

Targeted a younger audience. Originally released in drugstores in 2005; stopped production in 2006.

A set of mini lip glosses in the six flavors was released.

Lip Gloss:

Lip glosses were sold in full size or as a set of six mini glosses. The glosses were colored to suggest their flavor and infused with that flavor's scent, as well as shimmer.

Body Frostings: clear tubular packaging themed around the scent's color. The logo is a playful drawing of a cupcake surrounded by the words "Dessert Treats" in cursive.

Whipped Cream with Sprinkles: in white plastic bottles that resemble pressurized bottles of whipped cream, packaged with a round container of rainbow sprinkles on top.


Shimmer Mists:

Banana Split


Topical Treats: (summer promo)

Lip Gloss:

Cool Kisses: (holiday promo)

Liip glosses were released in full size as individual products or as a set of three mini-glosses in the following fragrances.

Butterscotch Toffee Body Wash

Sweet Kisses:

Released in 2005. Her photo and signature are on the packaging.

Lip Gloss:


Shimmer Mists:


An Ode to Jessica Simpson's Now-Defunct Dessert Beauty

Jessica Simpson's Line of Edible Cosmetics was the Best Thing about the 2000s

Whatever Happened to Jessica Simpson's Dessert Beauty Line?

Jessica Simpson Dessert Treats Rock!

Maybelline 24-hr Tattoo Eye Creams

Maybelline Color Whisper

Maybelline's Color Whisper lipstick was a lightweight, white-based lipstick with a fresh, late-80's feel to the color line and packaging. The tubes are silver with a sheer case that is tinted the same color as the lip color. The line was released in 2013 and discontinued production as of 2015.

What I Got:

My first Color Whisper lipstick was in Orange Attitude, a sheer orange color that quickly became my favorite. I fell in love with the aesthetic of the ad campaign because it created such an 80's feeling with the stone-washed denim and neon writing. I associate the color line with summer; perhaps that's when I discovered it, or perhaps the light, sheer colors just suggest summer. The Color Whisper lipsticks can still be found on the secondhand market for a reasonable price, but I'm adding them to the Makeup Shrine because they embody a particular mood and nostalgic feeling for me that makes them one of my "immortals."



Maybelline Color Whisper Lipstick (original ad banner)

Blackheart Nail Polish

I got these from Hot Topic. I have had four colors total; I still have two.

OPI Nail Polish

This entry concerns the Japan and Chicago color collections from the mid-00's.

OPI Chicago Collection

The OPI Chicago Collection was released in Fall 2005. The colors are:

OPI Japanese Collection

The OPI Japanese Collection was released in Winter 2005. The colors are:



Hard Candy

This entry concerns the Hard Candy Lunch Box (blue) and Take Out (pink) mini makeup kits.

What I Got:

Hard Candy Lunch Box (2004)

Similar Item:

Hard Candy Take Out (2006)


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